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Appel à communication session 3A-56 “The Palaeolithic of the Americas…”, INQUA 2023 Rome, 05/22

Ciprian F. Ardelean et Antonio Pérez-Balarezo vous appellent à communiquer dans leur session intitulée “The Palaeolithic of the Americas: population dynamics, behavioral variability and techno-cultural diversity around the Last Glacial Maximum (MIS 3-2)” dans le cadre du congrès INQUA 2023 de Rome.

Les résumés peuvent être dès à présent soumis.

Vous retrouverez toutes les informations sur le site dédié à l’adresse suivante :

Le thème de la session 56 dans le thème 3- Quaternary environments and Human evolution: fossil record, phylogeny, palaeobiology, palaeoecology and cultural models et plus précisément dans le sous-thème 3A- Geological and climate forcing on ancient societies and feedbacks.

Voici ci-dessous la proposition thématique de la session 56.

Abstract: No other topic in world archaeology is so controversial as the initial peopling of the Americas. Its dynamism has usually stimulated novel and better approaches, but its polemic side hindered the development of more integrate conceptualizations, something to go beyond theoretical, methodological, political or idiomatic borders. For almost 100 years of research, the main controversies revolved around the interrogation ¿when did the first Homo sp. inhabitants settle on the American continent? For now, there is no consensual answer to the question, and perhaps there will never be one. Yet, the discoveries made over the past decades have produced growing evidence in favor of a human arrival to the Americas during or even before the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM); this is much earlier than the currently used and politically correct threshold set at approximately 18,000 years before present, and, perhaps, even before 40 ka BP. The purpose of this session is to gather scholars who have been involved in field explorations on Pleistocene archaeological sites across the Americas, aiming at understanding ancient population dynamics. The current panorama indicates a striking diversity and variability of behaviors and techno-cultural manifestations occurring simultaneously across the continent during the LGM,

something that suggests a plurality of coeval groups and traditions. These symptoms of maturity support an initial peopling process triggered at much earlier times than commonly accepted.

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David Hérisson (2022, 2 juin). Appel à communication session 3A-56 “The Palaeolithic of the Americas…”, INQUA 2023 Rome, 05/22. Le carnet d'AnTET. Consulté le 23 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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